We are forever thankful for your contribution to our dream. As I’ve said from the beginning, God picked you for the job and it was not going to get done without you. I hope we can find time to have coffee in the New Year. Happy New Year to you and your family and God bless you and yours

– John

Item 1

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for the amazing craftsmanship! It brought a big smile to my face after a long day! Also, I wanted to let you know we finalized the dimensions on the Lego stand and Ziny will go over it when you come. Thanks again! –

– Neil

Item 1

Frank/Rich, thanks so much for making an amazing bar in such a short period of time. Stop by for a drink when you have the time

– Dave

Item 1

Thank you Frank for all your good work. I am just thrilled with everything. I look forward to working together in the future. Let me know if any of your customers need some design help – furniture, windows, etc. You and your guys were just on top of your game! A pleasure to be around. I’ll forward your invoice to Verna to see that you get paid. Thank you again.

– Nancy

Item 1

Thanks Frank!! You and your guys are an absolute pleasure to work with and really know your business!!

– Mark

Item 1

Frank, I can’t begin to tell you the complements we’ve gotten on the bar, one of the greatest improvements and the right choice in builders for the project. Thank you thank you!!

– Caroline

Item 1

Your guys were amazing!

– Donna

Dear Frank, I wanted you to know that I enjoyed working with you this last month. It was a molding adventure!
As a designer, it is so important for me to have trust in the quality of work, trust that the project will finish on time and trust that you are charging my client a fair price. You delivered on all three!
This was a large molding project. Everything went smoothly. No drama. You made it all seem so easy. I know it was not! I appreciated your attention to detail and my time restraints.
The workmanship is really beautiful. My client is thrilled.
You did an amazing job. I look forward to working with you again.
Thank you again for a wonderful collaboration and a professional experience!
You are the best!

– Nancyanne, Interior Designer

Item 1

Hi Frank, I’m so happy you’re going to be doing our house. Now I know it will be beautiful!!!See you soon!

– Michele

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